2018 Horsey Christmas Present Guide

2018 Horsey Christmas Present Guide

Happy 1st of December!

It’s that time of year again where I see repeated Facebook posts asking for the best horsey present to get for their fur babies, and lets be honest they only deserve the best of the best. 

Well here it is my top 3 choices and what I believe to be the best horsey presents of the year!


 Kentucky Horsewear Relax Toy 

This is the ultimate Christmas present for your Equine Friend! 

The Kentucky Horsewear Relax Toy to stop your fur babies getting bored whilst staying in with the horrid weather we have at the moment. 

Available at www.justequine.co.uk


Donkey Donuts

Order yours now at www.donkeydonuts.co.uk Packs include Snowman, Santa, Reindeer, Candy cane, Christmas wreath and sprinkles. Don't disappoint your equine friend and get yours today at only £6!


Stud Muffin Christmas Pudding Flavoured Treats 


Available at £3.99 from www.totally-tack.co.uk

These look super tasty! 

Check out my top 3 ideas and spoil them without a second thought.



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I love your horse it’s really nice looking xxx


I love your horse it’s really nice looking xxx


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