Bella Rose Ponies Visit Little London Stud

Bella Rose Ponies Visit Little London Stud

Bella Rose Ponies Visit Little London Stud

The Bella Rose Ponies Visit Little London Stud on a dusky January afternoon.

We loaded up Molly and Mr T and set off to East Sussex. We pulled up to Little London Stud and wow its not LITTLE! What a yard, every horsey persons dream! Literally everything you could want for your fur babies. A literal "Horse Hotel".

I mean take a look for yourself. The facilities at this place were amazing.

Emma that owns Little London Stud kindly tacked up her oldest horse Spud and jumped in the saddle sporting some of our Bella Rose products and she looked fantastic. She wore our New Khaki Base Layer matched with Grey Knee Grip Leggings.

Emma competes at all the local shows Showjumping to a high level but recently started her Stud and building this incredible yard so she has spent the last few years making everything perfect. She promised us she will return to the jumping circuit very soon and has an exciting year ahead.

Our little junior model Amy got her confidence in such a huge arena and before you know it was having a little canter round and even popped over a few fences.

The sun soon started to set and as warm as our Bella Rose fleece lined products are we decided it was time to say good bye as we had well and truly stayed long enough!! We thought Emma might not notice if we just stayed and moved in.

Anyway until our next adventure.....

Make sure you check out Little London Stud on all social media platforms for more stunning pictures and all of Emmas exciting new horses.

Sofie xx

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