Children In Need

Children In Need

Children In Need

Children In Need 2018! What a day and what a year for us as a family. We love all that Pudsey and his crew do to raise money for Children In Need.

Earlier In this year we raised money by doing a charity 5k inflatable run and the kids raised £800 thanks to the fantastic support we have around us. 

Today Bella Rose Ponies got their glad rags on and off we went to Brendon Pycombe Children In Need Show to raise as much more as we could! What can we say what a wonderful showground, wonderful staff as always and a day completely for the kids to have fun!!

They must have raised a lot as we turned up to a car park filled with trailers and horse boxes. 

Now seeing as Molly is STILL pink after many a bath we decided she did not need to participate in having spots added to the stained body she is already sporting! (I mean she looks a soft cute pink now) although Mr T felt is was his turn.......

Here are the boys..... dressed as super hero’s with matching bright green.....I will keep you posting in 6 months time when he is still green!!

Great result coming 2nd in Best Rider! Followed by 4 beautiful clear rounds from both ponies and lots of cheering and fun had by all. 

Anyway tip of the day, I bathed Bella Rose Ponies yesterday but seeing as one is grey (off pink) and the other has the loveliest (largest) white socks I have found the best prouduct for a quick touch up the day of the show rather than re washing them. Check out Cowboy Magic Green Spot Remover:

Until next time 

Sofie x

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