Fireworks and Bonfire Night!

Fireworks and Bonfire Night!

Hey guys and girls! 

It’s that time of year again where we all have a worry about our fur babies! We probably panic more than they do. 

It used to be the one day a week but now they go on for over a week!

Bella Rose ponies prefer to be tucked away in their stable as they are definatley calmer and more settled. A lot of fur mummies feel their horses are better left out. Each horse is very different. 

Bella Rose pony Molly gets a little nervous and unsettled so we tried something new this year and gave her Equine America Super So Kalm Paste and wow what a difference! She was very settled! We got it from Just Equine (last minute as we are so unorganised!) And they do next day delivery which is great! 

Check out the link below:

Hope all your fur babies are safe and settled.

Sofie x

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