Halloween 2018!

Halloween 2018!

Halloween 2018 has been an eventful one! 

We don’t celebrate trick or treating as we have no neighbours at home and driving to go trick or treating doesn’t seem right...

So instead off we went to Golden Cross in Hailsham for a Halloween Show. Well what can we say a brilliantly run business with lovely staff! They were helpful, friendly and supportive of all the competitors cheering everyone on.

The only thing we didn’t like was the £30 we spent on hair chalk and the red pony (Bella Rose Molly) that didn’t get placed!! It’s 3 weeks later now and she’s a subtle soft pink now. But yes still pink! 

I mean jeeezzzzz look at her! How did the Devil bride and her Devil unicorn not win! 

Anyway we will get over people asking “why is that girls pony pink” by 2019 I’m sure.

Check our Golden Cross event calendar as they have lots of events for all ages and abilities:


If anyone has any ideas for Christmas show coming up please let us know as we have a pink pony needing a new fancy dress outfit! 

Sofie x 


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