Junior Clothing Range Shoot - Meet Little Amy

Junior Clothing Range Shoot - Meet Little Amy

What a horrible weekend full of rain!!! 

Luckily for team Bella Rose we had a shoot booked which meant cups of tea and warm indoors for the morning. 

Sligtly different shoot for us as we introuduced our Junior Range to the collection. We didn’t want something too posed and wanted Little Amy to feel comfortable and relaxed. Well that she did! 

Little Amy was so happy and we had smiles and giggles all round. 

All her outfits look great and after shooting the Junior Competition Range and receiving a huge amount of interest looks like we will add this to our range.

Rich from Black Balloon Photography is a fantastic photographer and super easy to work alongside. He’s efficient and always works hard to get his work to us in a timely fashion. 

Check out his website: www.blackballoonphotography.co.uk

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend 


Sofie x 


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